Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're my sister and I love you - just don't sing in bed!

On our way to pick Ellie up from school this afternoon, Harri gets this deadly serious look on his face and says "Mum, why are there so many people in the world?" I'm a bit stumped by this at first, thinking "where is he going with this one?" and ended up by saying "well, people get married and have babies all the time". Fairly happy with this explanation, he then went through and listed off all the people we knew who had babies.

After a pause, Harri says "well when I get married I'm only having one boy". "Why is that Harri?" I ask, thinking he will say something like "because boys are cool" , but what he actually said, made me laugh so hard I nearly drove off the road. "So he won't have a sister to annoy him by singing in bed!"

Fair enough I reckon.

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Saminda said...

Hahahaha!!!!! Harri, you have cracked me up twice in 1 week. :) Very very funny!