Monday, September 29, 2008

Let the Heavens rejoice.....

I nearly kicked the bucket today. Literally. In my very own house. At the dining table. Can't believe it. Here I am, having afternoon tea with my kids, chugging down a cup of my favourite vanilla tea, and Ellie asks me to open her fruit stick. So I do. Thoughtlessly. Heedlessly. And before you know it, I've managed to inhale a tiny piece of plastic, just big enough to get stuck in my throat and disengage all breathing ability.
After the initial "help-I've-swallowed-a-bit-of-plastic" type panic, to the "oh-my-goodness-I-can't-breathe" type to the very real, very scary "I'm-going-to-die" (why are my children just looking at me, don't they know to ring 000, actually no they don't, what kind of a mother am I?) to one big cough and spray everything with spit and bits of plastic, and now I'm fine. Phew.
After my kids stopped gaping at me and I turned back to my normal colour, I asked them if they knew what to do in a situation like that; thinking this is a good chance to teach them 000 and how to use the phone etc. After discussing the ambulance, police, firemen, army, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, Noah, the ark, animals, Ellie's ant bite, bandaids, PINK bandaids etc. Harri pipes up and says "did you nearly die Mum? - would you have gone to Heaven Mum?"
I said, "yes Harri, I would have. I've asked Jesus into my heart and when I die, I will go to Heaven". Harri then turns to Ellie and says "do you have Jesus in your heart Ellie?" Ellie nods at him (she's very busily sucking on what's left of a fruit stick) and then turns to me and says "I want Jesus in my heart too Mum."
So right there at the table, I hold his little hand and he prays after me, "Dear Jesus, please forgive me for all the wrong things I've done, come and live in my heart and help me to be the boy you want me to be. Thanks for loving me. I love you."

What else can I say?!


Copland said...

Ah, the old fruit-stick-mum-almost died-who-goes-to-heaven-evangelsim trick hey?

In some countires they are using the Jesus Film, or the Four Spiritual Laws.

But in the Oxlade household its the 'near death experience' form of evangelism. What a testimony Harri will have!

"Well, I first me Jesus when we were eating fruit sticks and my mum..."

Saminda said...

Great story Helen!! You never know when these moments of sharing will happen! So glad that piece of plastic came out when it did.... how scary :(

LOVE Andrew's comment!

jenb said...

Wonderful news, about Harri I mean, although...