Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way home today.....

Today I feel a little bit like the Good Samaritan (not nearly as good or as humble - well actually, I do feel humbled by the whole situation - WHAT situation you mad woman - sorry) Anyway..... the kids and I were on our way home from the chemist and decided to walk home down a little side lane. We were about half way down the street when I saw a woman lying on the concrete. As we walked nearer, I could hear her crying and my first thought (this is the embarrassing bit) "she's had a bit of a fight with the Mr. and is outside crying it off". As we got closer I realised she was lying in a strange position, and telling the children to stay where they were, I went to see if I could help. I knelt down next to her and she opened her eyes and looked at me with such a pained/relieved expression, I nearly began to cry. She said "I've had a fall and I'm in a lot of pain. Can you call the ambulance".
After calling the ambulance, I sat down next to her and patted her leg (that sounds pathetic doesn't it - but I seriously didn't know what else to do) and we began to talk. By this time Ellie and Harri had sidled up and were listening in to the conversation. She told me her name was Asha (sp?) and that she had MS. Her arm and shoulder were in a sling and I asked her if she had fallen previously because of the MS, but she said "no, that was the domestic violence that did that." Ellie piped up then and said "oh, I fall over all the time too, at least six times a day".
By this time Asha had turned a lovely shade of whitish green and was really looking like she was in pain and there was still no sign of the ambulance. I went inside to get a cool cloth to wipe her face and I was just about to come out when Asha said "could you get my Bible on the bench and read me a Psalm while we wait".
I found Psalm 86 and began to read -
Lord, hear me and answer me
I am poor and needy
Keep my life safe. I am faithful to you
You are my God. Save me.
I trust in you.
Lord show me your favour.
I call out to you all day long.
Bring joy to me. Lord I worship you.
Lord you are good. You are forgiving.
You are full of love for all who call out to you.
Lord hear my prayer. Listen to my cry for your favour.
So when the ambulance finally arrived, the four of us were sitting in the gutter together reading Psalms. Must have looked pretty odd to them but right at that moment, it felt like the most natural thing in the whole world.
When Asha and the ambulance were gone, we walked home in a very thoughtful mood. I know I will have lots of questions from Ellie and Harri later and I hope I will be able to show them just how much comfort Asha seemed to get from those words. I think we'll have to read the story of The Good Samaritan together as well.


Karen said...

I hope she is okay Helen. That little voice in your head that prompted you to walk down that lane was looking out for her. I pray he continues to work in her life.

Copland said...

Man, that is one full on story!

If you hear any more about her please let us know!

Saminda said...

What an experience! You were just the person to find her and bless her yesterday. Well done for being brave enough to approach and help her. :)

JM said...

Hey Helen
Because of the bible she took with her to hospital she met my friend super simon the paramedic and he and his wife have a friend in the home church they've created with friends (I'll get this all out in a minute) who has a burden to help victims of domestic violence and *drumroll please* they are all looking to support her in the near future = this weekend. Well done Helen, it really does look like Gods all around
Peace and love to you baby