Monday, September 22, 2008

If only it was that simple...

Don't you just love how we as grown-ups look at things, and the way our children view the same thing but in a completely different way. Somehow we manage to complicate things and need to produce long and descriptive 'how-to' lists, whereas kids just seem to be ready to jump in headfirst.
At the end of this week, we are heading off to the big city for a long weekend. Yay Brisbane!! We are going to immerse ourselves in culture (the museum and the art gallery) and shop until we are unable to move (look out IKEA - here I come - woohoo!!!). We are staying with friends who love the same things we do (namely a lovely bottle of red wine on the front verandah) and are all looking forward to catching up and seeing each others children.
It's only Tuesday and I am already thinking about all the stuff I need to pack, the things I can cook to take with us, and what we can do without to make room in the car to bring home all my stuff from IKEA (the children come to mind!) We already have a bit of a joke when we go travelling - the kids get the back seat and the boot of the car for their stuff and Nev and I get to chuck a clean pair of undies and a toothbrush in the glovebox.
Our kids are actually quite good travellers and are reasonably content with scrapbooks, textas, a good book or two, some food and a bit of HI5 on the CD player. With this in mind, we headed off to the shops yesterday to buy a new scrapbook each for Ellie and Harri. When we got home they put their scrapbooks in their backpacks and Harri looked at me and said "well, I'm ready, lets go" and then fell about laughing. "I'm only joking Mum, I know you need to make a list first."

He's on to me somehow.....lucky he's so cute.


jenb said...

What a crack up. Made me laugh, thanks Helen:)

Copland said...

So, just to review... you keep your undies and your tooth brush together when you travel. Hmm, sanitary!

Saminda said...

Hehe yes, if only life was as simple as our little ones see it! I love my kids packing for themselves too........ never takes them long. And of course, only the essentials get packed. Like a teddy, some pj's, and a book or 2. :)