Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't you just love blogging....

What is it about blogging that's just so good?! (Come on - admit it- it's pretty addictive isn't it!) It can't just be about the chance to sit down and have a bit of a rave at a captive audience can it?! I often go through the day thinking, maybe I'll blog about this, or that, or maybe that's just rubbish anyway, and who wants to read that....
And man, when you get a comment or two, there's this kind of wierd rush that settles in (unless it's Copland having a go at your mothering eh Andrew!! - love ya really!) and you just have to read it right there and then. I worry that I am letting people down by not commenting on their blogs, (robbing them of their own little rush) but I am having real difficulty figuring out how to leave a comment - I'm such an amateur!
And it's not even your own blog that's addictive. You have your favourites and get to the point where you have to check that one everyday too. And so help them if they haven't actually written anything. What were they thinking?! Don't they want you to know what's going on?! (How very rude - do they think their life is their own or something?)
So come on people, blog on!! (Not that I don't have a life or anything! - tee hee)


Saminda said...

Ah, so so true..... :)
Addictive? Yes indeedy.

And I know what you mean about people not blogging.. I check blogs and if there's nothing new then.... well, it's just not good enough is it?!!

Copland said...

Comment...sorry to dissapoint!

Theresa said...

I know what you mean. I am so addicted in checking in on all the blogs I follow and the comments that have been made... that I forget about our own blog.
It is always disappointing when people don't keep them up-to-date.
So my new theory, is to check in on my blog every couple of days, and check everyone else once a week, that way with some blogs you get heaps and other blogs a least one entry.