Wednesday, September 3, 2008

As I enter the world of blogging (cue some kind of wierd spacey music...

Well, here I am. I have begun to blog. I said I wouldn't, but I did anyway. Typical of me. Peer pressure and all that. I have a rare child-free couple of hours (Ellie 6, is at school and Harri 4, rather reluctantly at kindy "I want to stay with you mummy - plead, beg, whine etc.) and of course the great dilemma - "what will I do with ALL this free time"? I suppose I could do the washing, ironing, mopping, folding, weeding, scrub the bathroom, food prep, change the bed sheets, bible study homework, baking, letter writing, worrying over being a bad mother etc, but what the heck, I think I'll blog instead. (That would make a great t-shirt!!)
I shall try to figure out how to put out a reasonable looking blog spot with photos and quotes etc so that people may actually read it, but I have figured out at least one way to give me some kind of credibility.......IKNOW Saminda Fern!!! Yep - THE Saminda Fern from Ferns by the Fireside - she's my friend - and let me tell you, she has a huge fan base!! Maybe some of it will rub off??!!
In the meantime, I suppose I could go back to the washing, ironing, mopping etc.


Saminda said...

Ah. hooray for peer pressure!!!!

SO glad you have joined the world of blogging, dear friend. It's a great one! :)

Once you give me the go-ahead, I will personally invite ALL my copious (sp?) following of readers to share in the delights of reading what promises to be a very special blog.... the thoughts and reflections of my beautiful friend Helen. :) They will follow and I will be like the Pied Piper.... he, he, he.....

Karen said...

Great blog Helen...... I will be a fan, although it seems weird to read what you've been up to when I see you all the time!! Just another excuse to spend more time on the computer and like you, avoid nasty housework.
Unlike Min, I don't have lots of followers to blog is restricted to family and close friends. I guess I'm a bit private like that...and I am wary of the internet.
Enjoy it Helen, and I'm sure you realise it is highly addictive.