Monday, August 22, 2011

What is it with the youth of today (how old does that make me sound??!!!)

I am completely thankful for my job.

OK, OK - not completely thankful.

There is actually a good part of me that is incredibly resentful not to have been born independently wealthy.

The same part of me that is ripped off by the underwhelming amount of international travel that I partake in.....

Sigh. I shall blame my parents.

Anyway, back to the point. I have been doing some extra training at work that has kept me busy (read: exhausted) and really, I'm completely over the whole thing.

All this extra training is just time away from the things I really want to be doing (ie: drinking tea and reading, staying at home and hanging with my hubby and kids etc).

I had a polite little whinge about these things to Nev, how work was getting in the way of my real life, and adding in very restrained tones how truly unfair it is that people who don't do a good job neither get reprimanded or sacked, (there are some young guys who think they are doing Woolies a favour just by turning up, never mind actually doing their job) and those who do a good job (namely me) are never recognised etc etc blah blah haughty comment.......

At the end of  a particularly long 7 hour shift (where I had not only been revoltingly polite but unusually helpful, sincere and thoughtful) I was rewarded with a box of choccies from my boss who passed on that "not one, but two customers thought I was a lovely girl and an asset to Woolworths"

Way to stick it to me!!!

( Pshaw, I love being called a girl........)


jenb said...

Of course you are a lovely girl, one of the loveliest in fact. A lovely girl that I am sorely missing right about now. Love you much.

Queen of the Natives said...

lol Helen! Just wait, all good things come in their own time but in the duration it does feel good to be heard by our other half :) Very Happy Anniversary btw!

Library girl said...

LOL at least you got choccies! That's always a good thing, no matter what. Now if only you had the time to lay on the lounge reading while you ate them ...

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