Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me and Spiky - we get it.......

Rain, rain go away.

Decided to take the dog for a walk anyway.

Yep - the dog.

We have a fifth member of the family.

Spiky the beagle.

Such a good boy.

Fast asleep, upside down on the couch.

Anyway, out walking and the rain finally stops.

Half way down the road there is a for sale sign out the front of Mt Breckan (24 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 9 kitchens - you too can own it for between 5-8million!! On that subject - who in the world is going to offer more than 5 million if given the choice? Actually, who in the world has 5 million? And why aren't they my best friend?)

This particular sign is huge and glossy black with photos etc.

The rain made it even glossier.

Spiky goes past it, and out of the corner of his eye sees another dog moving alonside him.

He yelps in fright/excitement, gets a hold of himself, stops, sniffs the board, realises it's himself that he is looking at, kind of deflates and moves on with his head drooping.

Yeah, I get it Spiky.

Sometimes your own reflection can be oh so depressing.


jenb said...

Your funny!!!

From the kitchens of friends said...

You're beautiful! Thanks for the birthday serenade - it was lovely to come back from holidays to hear your voice!