Friday, December 31, 2010

Garden of Earthly Delights.....

My Christmas present from my Mum and Dad - a big bag of fish emulsion, blood and bone and mushroom compost (nice eh!) - to go with pumpkin plants, eggplants, cucumbers, chillies, rocket, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, chives, parsley, mint and a peach tree.

I am communing with the earth.

I feel that well fertilised soil, and I, are as one.

("Nature - it's all over me!")

Just call me "Farmer Mummy."

I feel like I have taken my rightful place on the food chain of life. 

I am self sufficient (yeah right - as soon as I've planted a chocolate bush)! 

Now all I need is a cow, some chickens, more vegies, a wind generator, my own water supply, ooh yes and perhaps a nice piece of land........

Might just pop down to Big W and grab a pair of overalls and some gumboots instead. 


jenb said...

You're a nutter!!!
But I love ya still.

Theresa said...

Yeah doesn't it feel good to plant your own vegie patch, it is just the up keep that kills me or should I say kills the plants.
Call me I have a plan!