Monday, February 22, 2010

The great debate......

So far it is a tie.

Two of us on one side, two on the other. (If I asked the dog, I know which side he would be on, so his vote doesn't count).

We are trying to decide whether we have ourselves a smart dog or a dumb dog.

The children (bless their gullible little souls) think the dog is quite smart.

Nev is convinced he's an idiot, and I tend to agree with him.

There are times when I think he's quite intelligent and I think it has a lot to do with the different relationships he has with each of us.

He is ever so gentle, sooky and calm with Ellie -  happy just to have his head in her lap, his tummy rubbed and told he's a good boy over and over until he actually believes it.

With Harri, he's completely mental. The louder, messier the game and the more destruction that is involved, the happier he is. Jumping completely over the couch seems to be the favourite at the moment.

With me, it's "the hand that feeds" and "the one who takes me out for walks" kind of total, drooling adoration.

With Nev, it's all about the inappropriate humping of his leg. I can't help it (smirk, chuckle), the look on both their faces is absolutely priceless.

The other morning on one of our long walks, the dog was tracking a sexy little poodle on the other side of the road. I was trying to get him to hurry up, but he was smitten, lost in a place where Nev's leg was no longer the object of his desires.

He continued some forward momentum (basically because I was dragging his lead), but his head was stuck firmly in the "backwards glance" position.

And then - the definitive moment  - he walked straight into a light pole!!!!

The dog had to sit down and shake his head for a second, but then went right on oggling the chicky-babe.

I had to sit down or I would have fallen down I was laughing so hard!

So, it's decided.

If he can fall that hard for a woman, and not let a hugely embarassing situation (not to mention concussion) get in the way of his pursuit, he is definitely a smart dog!!!


naughtynanna said...

...aren't our pets a reflection of ourselves?

Jordan said...

Hehe, larf...

Helen said...

NN - which particular trait are you talking about???

Jordan - I know, I know, it still amuses me....

Kay said...

What a doofus your pup sounds like. he he

Library girl said...

Haha! I have a cocker spaniel which, I swear, has doggy dementia (she's nearly 14 and she weren't that bright to begin with) But at the same time, she's smart enough to know how to open the gate to get out ... reminds me of Maggie Bear from 'Mother & Son'.

Helen said...

Kay - yep, doofus is a good word.

Library Girl - maybe all pets play dumb until that moment when we aren't looking, and then they get together and plan to take over the world.....

Saminda said...

Loved reading about Dashy. We're discussing dog options again at the moment!

And yes, feeling much better today thanks. The sun is shining within and without!!! xoxo

Mary Witzl said...

Love this!

I had a wonderful dog in Japan who thought my leg was Hot Stuff and was apt to demonstrate her interest in all sorts of public places. Yes, it was embarrassing, but it was a little flattering too.