Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scurvy 101......

As a homeschooler, I really, really love it when something you have tried to teach your children (and they either don't get it, or choose not to learn it) is reinforced through some other means and they have one of those "AHA!!!!" moments.

Followed closely by "Mum was right all along.......(head down, abashed look, shuffling feet etc).

Yep. Total and utter satisfaction.
 ("you may have the rest of the afternoon off, take fifty from the till and go home".....)

This morning as we looked at the early history of "The Great South Land", the question was asked, "why wasn't Australia discovered earlier?"

We narrowed it down to two main reasons:
  1. It sounded too scary.
  2. It was too far away.
Because so little was known of these undiscovered lands, people began to make up (and believe) crazy stories. They believed giants lived on the land, and that the seas down south were so hot they would boil the ship and anyone aboard would die, (and my favourite) if you went to these new lands, you would be upside down!!

Scarey stuff eh. I wouldn't want to go either.

Most of the explorers could not equip their ships with enough fresh supplies for such a long sea journey. Many of the crew died of scurvy, leaving the ships to wreck upon some uncharted reef, rocks etc.

I found all of this quite fascinating, and when Harri piped up with, "what's scurvy Mum", I got a bit excited and googled it straight away. (Quite often I'll google something first and then share it with the kids after I've checked it out - but alas, not today!)

Horrid pictures of diseased gums, skin and nails appeared on the screen and Harri uttered a small squeak of horror.

"How did they get like that Mum," he asked in a tiny voice.

Seizing the moment for the golden opprtunity it most definitely was, I very seriously said (with a slightly spooky edge) "they did not eat their fruit and vegetables Harri".

Funnily enough, Harri ate all his pineapple and banana today at morning tea. Wonder what could have got into him?................

(Heh heh - evil Mummy cackle)


Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

ohhh...poor Harri!!!!

This post made me laugh sooo much..thanks for sharing!!

I am excited as the school term commenced today here in Vic... now we might FINALLY be able to get back into pre Christmas routine!! Yeah right!!!!
Give those precious children a cuddle from their aunty!

naughtynanna said...

evil schmevil, i say do what you have to do....and if it involves ankle braces (for them) and strawberry daiquiris (for you) so be it!

Mary Witzl said...

I've had a few of these 'Eureka, you really DID know' moments with my kids and yes, they are better than money in the bank.

I knew a woman in Japan about 20 years ago who was bent on losing weight. She ate nothing but noodles for at least a month. She went to the doctor, feeling very ill, and learned that she had beriberi. True story! The doctor was pretty disgusted with her, but I can't imagine how her mother felt (if she ever shared the experience).

Tamra said...

hahaha. Laugh. Out. Loud. =)

Jordan said...

You are so very cruelly evil!

Jordan said...

Yipe! I just read that comment, how embarresing...Now I feel stupid....

Jordan said...
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Copland said...

Oh, the things we say to our children. Love this one Helen, will have to bookmark it for a later date. Thanks for the laugh:)