Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handy hints from the Post Office.....

It always surprises me where you can pick up one of "lifes' little gems" - a saying or thought,  so profound that it causes you to catch your breath.

So here I was, in line at the Post Office, and out of the corner of my eye I notice a rack with fridge magnets spread out all over it.

("What do you mean - how profound can fridge magnets possibly be?")

Well let's take a look at these little beauties........

There are two big lessons in life:
  1.  Don't sweat the petty stuff.
  2. Don't pet the sweaty stuff.
And of course this famous saying:

I don't skinny dip anymore. I chunky dunk.

(Smirk, smirk)

I told you.....profound!!!!!!


Jordan said...


Library girl said...

You know, this year I went out and bought a bikini. And have actually worn it to the beach. So yes, I chunky dunk :)

Tamra said...

love it!!