Monday, November 2, 2009

Do you know what Mum?......

Oh man, don't you just love it when the kids start a conversation like this!

Seriously, it could go anywhere from there -  "I tried out the dog food and didn't really like it" to "what should I do with all the bubbles coming out of the drain in the bathroom floor?" - just a few examples. (yes, these are all conversations I have had recently!!!)

But today, Harri took me completely by surprise.

"I wish we had an aquarium".

"Well his birthday is coming up soon, and that would be a great little present," I thought to myself.

 (I can't believe how wrong I got this whole scenario - I am soooooo small minded!!!)

"Yep Mum. We could get rid of the garage and turn it into an aquarium with a tunnel in it, so we could still park the car underneath the whales and the sharks."

Silly me.........


Theresa said...

That would indeed be an awesome birthday present for Harri... go Harri keep on nagging you might get it one day or be a worker at Underwater World:)

Love this new blog look Helen!

Jordan said...

Dog food? Who was that?

Mary Witzl said...

I remember doing this to my parents. Kids have no concept of too much, do they? The sky is the limit!

Eww, imagine cleaning an aquarium as big as your garage?

Saminda said...

So what, you're not going to build him an aquarium in the garage??! What a mean Mummy you are!! :P GOod on Harri for thinking BIG! :)

I checked out new backgrounds last night would you believe, and couldn't get any to apply. Amazing you would suggest that this morning! So I checked out Shabby Blogs and found one called Gypsy I love (I couldn't find the Lost in Austen one) and it worked! So I've had a change. :) Love your new background too. xo
Big hugs, Min xo