Saturday, October 10, 2009

As I lifted my daughter's sweet, pinkly-scrubbed, gently-jasmine scented body out of the bath, I realised with incredible shock, how bad I smelled. I hadn't realised before then.

OK, so I had maybe a small idea that I smelled, but never in my wildest imaginings was it quite THAT bad!

We have just returned from a week of camping (no ensuites, washing machines, TV, phone, computer, etc) by the serene waters of 1770. Outdoor living - I just love it!!

It's just you and nature. The waves lapping, the boats bobbing, the hammock swinging, the palm trees waving gently in the breeze, the beers chilling, the seagulls screaming (why are they SO cranky??), the huge goannas climbing the trees, the kids playing for hours on the beach (thoroughly sunscreened), sleeping soundly at night from all the fresh air and bush walking, no housework etc, etc.

There are so many benefits for living this kind of life. So simple, so peaceful. So many family moments and memories. So many photo opportunities.

Of course, camping isn't for everyone. The lack of all those electrical devices can be a major issue for some. (I have to admit to missing my computer a tiny bit! All that blogging I have to catch up on.....)

For others, the hike to the toilet block or the line-up for the showers, the constant slapping of the the tarps in the breeze, dodgy camping mattresses, feeling filthy from head to toe, or simply just finding the soggy block of cheese floating about in the melted ice of the Esky is enough to send some people screaming for the closest resort.

(Our great friends the Appleby family came with us, and I sincerely hope we have not put them off the joys of camping for the rest of their natural lives, and actually do still want to be friends with us?!!!!)

And now, back to reality. I have 54 loads of washing to do, grocery shopping and a full term of home schooling to plan (our last term for the year - woohoo!!!) At least I can already strike one thing off the "To Do" list - I smell heaps better than I did!!!!!!


Jordan said...

Don't you just love camping...

Saminda said...

Where are the photos???! Can't wait to see them. :)