Monday, September 28, 2009

Flicking through our book of maps last night - dreaming about all the places I'd love to explore - I fell about laughing at the inscription printed across the last page. It said.....
          "Deliberately blank"

"Quite obvious", I thought to myself, considering these words were the only thing on the page.

But why write those particular words across a page which would only have those words on it? Why not write "What? Were you expecting something else?!" or "If you'd like more, read the book again", or even a really good joke.

I think I could find much better use of those particular words, like printed across my forehead for the first part of the day.......


Jenno said...

It's not really blank if they say on the page that it's blank though. I'd write the publishers and tell them your blank page is defective. Hehehe :D


Theresa said...

Deliberately blank... certainly sums me up at the beginning of the day :)

I love the fact someone thought of the words and then actually went to the publishers and then the printers and they all gave it the ok.

I think that it must have been soooo funny and the talk of the lunch room that they thought it might just make you smile, just the kind of reaction they were looking for, so now you will buy the next book or at least pick it up and flip to the back to see what they have written this time!