Monday, May 18, 2009


Seriously, wow!! Yesterday, the kids and I were mucking around with a magnifying glass. We looked at bugs, we looked at leaves, grasses, flowers, (OK, yes we did try to set things on fire with it - thanks Toy Story for the beginning of an arsonists enthusiasm!!) And then we got to the really interesting stuff - our fingerprints. We checked them out with the magnifying glass and were amazed at all the little squiggles, swirls and even dead, straight lines that ran across our finger tips.

We got out the ink pads and started printing our own finger prints. We turned these into animals, flowers etc. This (of course) then led into a discussion about crime and police etc. and the way people are captured using just their fingerprints.

We finished with the thought that we are each uniquely and wonderfully made, just the way God intended. (Even if we do have a spot on our chin that couldn't be more obvious if we stuck a sequin to it. Surely I'm too old for pimples?!)
I think that little lesson was actually intended for me. Just when I was feeling like I'm inadequate at so many things, God seemed to be saying to me, "Helen, look at your fingerprints. You are like nobody else - but that's just how I made you. That's just how I want you. I want you to have a relationship with me, that is like nobody else's. You are you, and I love you".

See what I mean! Wow!!!!!


Copland said...

So, does that mean that God created us with individual finger prints just so, thousands of years after people we created, the police would have a means of identifying criminals?... Wow!

Expaukle - the next step after something is unbelievable.

"Oh my gosh, that's expaukleable!"

Use it in a sentence today!

Saminda said...

Hey there, I miss you! :) At least reading your blog I feel kind-of like I know what's going on; I know you're still alive. Oh my goodness, do you know how many (or rather, how few) sleeps it is until our big escape??????? Just doing some mental arithmetic - Stuart is SO going to teach upper levels of maths to our children otherwise they'll be in big trouble - 10!!!! Only 10 more sleeps!!!!!!!! Hang in there my fine friend, we are heading for the sun and sand, and yes, the red wine bottle too. :)
Can't wait to spend some quality time with you!!
Min. xo