Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One of my favourite movies at the moment is 'Fiddler on the Roof' - I have a very old copy that my Mum sent up to me recently. I love the music from the film - I can remember being quite young and Dad would have the record playing (gasp - that shows my age eh!).
The story of this one particular family and the struggles they face is so funny and so sad at the same time, that I relate to it strongly even though there is nothing remotely Jewish about me. The scene that I really love is when the family finally manages to settle around the table for the Sabbath and the Mother begins to sing the family's blessing. It is such a simple prayer for her family and one of such thankfulness to God for His provisions that I find myself wishing we had more traditions like this one.
My Mum, who I think is an honorary Jew, sent me up a description of the Jewish Passover meal, and it has been on my heart to start this tradition as a family. With Easter fast approaching, I have been doing some more research into the meal and what particular settings and implements they used to use. I have a list of the Bible readings, the prayers and the songs used throughout the meal and am finding it all really fascinating.
Anyway, I have decided to go all out and prepare a traditional Passover meal for our small group of friends that we meet with regularly here in Hervey Bay. I think it will be a really meaningful time and I hope that we will continue this tradition for many years to come.


Kylie said...

I only know one line from Fiddler on the Roof - and it's "Tradition, Tradition. Tradition, Tradition."
Original, eh?
So glad to have found your blog Helen. You write so well and I've enjoyed reading your life and catching up to what you're up to....5? years later!
Kylie x

Copland said...

Don't forget the lamb's blood over the door. Always a nice touch around Easter, I find.

*Balivied - verb, to live life in a tropical setting (i.e. Bali), to sleep in a hammock and eat only coconuts and seaweed.

Saminda said...

GOod one Andrew ;)

This tradition sounds wonderful Helen. I must say that FIddler on the Roof has such a special place in my heart too- just happened to be my very first ever stage show. :) And that Sabbath scene was one of my favourites- Sally (who played Golde) always used to shed a tear or two when she sang that sabbath prayer, it was such a special moment with the family around the table together. Who knows, maybe you could incorporate it into your passover meal time? Could be fun!
I SO enjoyed my time with you last night. Thankyou for your love and your openness. I love you lots! Min xo.