Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And you thought I was dead........

OK, not dead. Maybe just so busy and overwhelmed with home schooling - giving my children such a rich and exciting educational adventure - that I didn't have time to blog. Or you thought that maybe I'd gone off on a round the world trip to numerous exotic places and that I'd eventually return with epic tales of my sojourns, or (and this is the one I'd have put money on)that I was heavily involved with a plot for world domination.....
Nah. None of the good stuff. Just unable to get the internet! I know! It's crazy right!! I thought we were living in a modern world where at the push of a button you could get anything you wanted (except a cup of tea in bed!!). But obviously I was wrong!!
Apparently it has a whole lot to do with how many phone lines you have going into your house (for ADSL???!!!) and we didn't have enough so we were left with the option of dial-up (I'm far too modern for that! I think I meant impatient....) or satellite which would only be $3000000 extra and would take 45678 days before they could come and do it.
In the end we agreed on satellite and in the mean time we have this crazy dial-up thing happening. It took us forever to figure out how to use the dail-up thingy (we had to get a whole new password etc) and when we finally got it (late Mon night) I was too tired to do any blogging, so went off to bed. Last night when I sat down to catch up with everybody else's news (I have been SO ostracised!!!) and then finally got around to updating my blog, I realised I had forgotten my password.
You HAVE to laugh don't you. No really, you do.......
Anyway, I'm back baby!! Can't write anymore now, I have to go and give my children a rich and riveting education before I take over the world and iron all my nighties. In that order.


Copland said...

Welcome baaack!

*Cheal - a small bird, native to the eastern states of Australia. It is exactly like a sparrow in every way, except that it hates sparrows, and everything they stand for. If you call a cheal a sparrow they will crap on your head mercilessly.

(By the way, I can't believe this hasn't caught on yet!)

Tamra said...

yay!! you're back!!

*maboat--us Texans use it in a sentence like this: "I'm gonna take maboat out in tha mornin' fer a bit o' fishin'.

Andrew is much funnier and clever(er). =)