Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A bit of a plug.........

Last night was Ellie's school awards. Ellie was also singing in the junior choir and we had not heard the choir perform before, so it was a very exciting night for all of us. The children had all been practicing earlier in the afternoon - where to stand, where to weave in and out of the audience while waving a glow stick (very technical stuff) - and the night was a credit to all involved.
The choir was absolutely gorgeous and every one of them looked beautiful. A few little tears sneaked out from under my self controlled exterior as I watched their little faces - some full of nervousness, some full of concentration and others full of joy. I feel like I know most of these little ones quite well, and I was so proud of each of them.
The awards were handed out, each with a word or two of encouragement from their teacher. (yeah - more tears on my behalf). It made me realise once again how attached teachers can get to the children in their class - I'm not sure if this is true for every school, but I have seen some real tears from Riverside teachers.
And last but not least, my girl got a special mention from the principal. He called out her name and then went on to say that a little chat with her, lightened his grumpy moods and made him forget what he had been stewing over. Well woohoo for her! (yeah, yeah - lots more tears)!!
Anyway, I am so grateful that Ellie has been in a school where I know she is cared for. It has made the process for her so much easier.............and the process of leaving so much harder!

Yay Riverside!!!!

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