Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overwhelming vs. Simplicity.....

It's really not a complicated issue. It's actually quite clear cut. I want to live a simple, calm life (oh shut up - I can hear you sniggering at me) but how, oh how do I do it? How do I change my life from what it is, to what I want it to be? My life really isn't all that hectic or crazy, so what is it that makes it feel overwhelming at times?Is it that I am slowing down and am not able to do the things I used to do. Oh youth, wherefore art thou?
What does it all mean anyway? What does living a simple life really entail? Maybe it is doing just a few things - and doing them really well - instead of just a mish-mash of things done reasonably acceptably. But what things do you get rid of in your life, and what things do you keep? And how do you go about eliminating these things?
Maybe it's not about any of that either. Maybe it's about selling all your belongings and moving out to the bush, home schooling your children and never turning on your TV, baking sourdough bread and raising chooks, planting a vegetable patch and tye-dying all your underwear. Who knows - I'm sure I don't. Maybe it's a combination of all these things, but where on earth do you start?
Perhaps if every day was like today, it might be a very good start. Today I was treated to a one-hour massage for my birthday. The massage was unlike anything I have ever had before - it was a combination (so I'm told) Remedial/Sports/Clinical massage and it involved everything from electrodes (?), ultrasound, heatbags and some heavy duty pummeling to wild African/Irish music. It was amazing!!! I felt incredible afterwards - every nerve was tingling! And after being brought home with strict instructions to have a rest, I lazily made some lunch and put on some beautiful music and promptly had a nanna nap for 20 minutes or so. And now, dinner has arrived at my back door!! What more could a girl ask for? Not much, I can tell you.
So what is it that I am actually saying here - that I want my days to include a massage and dinner delivered and then I'll be happy? That my life would be so much more simple if that happened every day? Well, there would be a lot less cooking involved that's for sure. And I guess I'd be pretty relaxed, and frankly a nanna nap every day is really good for you..........I'm dreaming aren't I?


Copland said...

Oh Helen, where do I start?

First, some advice (if that's ok - if not then stop reading). I read once that one way to simplify your life to to throw away anything that you don't use within a year. So, that old chair you are going to fix - if you don't fix it within a year, are you really going to fix it and even if you do, will you realy need to use it -after all, its been a year!! So, anyway, I like the idea - mind you I still keep some stuff.

As Christians we're encouraged not to get too attached to our things, our stuff. I agree, but then again, I know some Christians with some pretty nice stuff! If I had their stuff I'd be pretty attached to it. Its easy for me to not be too attached to our crappy Mazda 323 or the house we don't own but simply rent.

Finally on a personal note - every now and then while I'm studying I'll look at the 12 or so copies of the Bible that I own and think about pastors I've heard of in Africa and South America who rip their bibles in half so that they can share it between them and their friends. So one guy gets Genesis to Psalms and the other guy gets Proverbs to Revelation - and here's the real kicker - they actually READ theirs!

So, I say all that to say this - I have no real answers - but I can asure you that you are not alone.

*Time to log off my computer because my favorite show is on cable and I have a Mars bar sitting at the back of the fridge that I have been saving. Later!

Karen said...

If that is the simple life Helen, sign me up.