Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Saturday night in (another silver disco boob tube not worn)

Last Saturday night, I actually went out. After dark, without children. (I know, I know. Who knew that things actually carried on after 7.30pm. I didn't). I knew other people went out and did things. Mysterious things. Sometimes involving a meal at a restaurant. But I didn't know if any of that same mystery was available for me.
But last Saturday night was a life changer. It was real. I didn't imagine it. I painted the city of Brisbane a vague kind of beige colour. I had to keep pinching myself and the amount of times I turned around in the car to say something to one of the kids in the backseat, well, it was seriously wrong.
I do have to admit that even though I was out and in a big city where the list of options of where to go and what to do was quite lengthy, I didn't actually do anything very meaningful or even culturally aware. In fact I went off to the movies to see Mamma Mia, and man, did I have a good time. All the words to the old ABBA songs came flooding back and I was once again a seven year old wearing a white polyester jumpsuit and a seriously bad blonde wig. (Yes, you read it right!
My friend from primary school had two of these outfits and we would race back to her place after school, put on an ABBA record and sing till we lost our voices). The movie itself was pretty hilarious - when Pierce Brosnan opened his mouth and started to sing, I actually snorted loud enough for everyone in the theatre to hear! (such a hick eh?!)
Still, it all seems like a bit of a dream now, as I sit here in my flanny jim jams trying to decide whether to go to bed, or stay up and watch the Iron Chef...........

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